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Timing is Everything...

We once recommended a timing belt on a Volvo S60 based on the manufacturers recommended mileage interval. The customer declined, and stated that he had owned several Volvo's over the year and never ever changed a timing belt on any of them. And most made it to over 350,000 km. He openly stated that he felt we were trying to rip him off.

Two weeks later we received a call from the customer on the Gardner expressway . He had lost power in the fast lane and had to pull an emergency maneuver to the shoulder, and was in need of a tow truck .

He questioned what the issue might be, and I asked him if he had heard or felt anything prior to the vehicle stalling . He claimed that The vehicle had made a loud bang from the engine area and he lost all power.

The vehicle was towed back to our shop and instead of the $1,400 suggested timing belt replacement the repair bill that he was looking at was $9,500 for the new engine to be installed on his vehicle.

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